Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dana's Legacy

When I was one month old, I was given up for adoption, by my Birthmother, whose name was Margaret. She was 38 and unmarried. She had previously been married and had already raised a daughter who was now 18. She divorced her husband, due to his alcohol addiction and had moved on. She became pregnant with me from a relationship with another man, who was a truck driver. Apparently neither decided that marriage, for the sake of an unplanned pregnancy, was the right option. My Mother did a very brave thing and went into a home for unwed Mothers, knowing she would no doubt be the oldest pregnant woman there. Perhaps it was her only option back in the 50's. She was surrounded by young unmarried girls who were ashamed, lonely, and probably scared about their future, let alone the ordeal of childbirth. I was told by the Home years later that she developed a skill for making jewelry for the girls there. Perhaps it helped her past the time as well as helped her feel useful, giving a part of herself to the others, who no doubt could connect to her. After all, she was an "adult" who was in the same situation as they, and was not judgmental. When my birthday came, she named me Dana. I never saw her again. She died before I found the truth about my beginnings. It is funny how life comes full circle without our help. I like to think that my love for creating vintage jewelry, is her talent coming through to me. These pieces bring the past to the present and are called Dana'a Legacy.