Friday, August 16, 2013

Jack The Neighbor's Dog

Our neighbors of 15 years moved far away today.  I do not do sad well... Who does? We had our "last" dinner, gave our speeches, offered words of wisdom, and said our goodbyes last night. Even our
cat Paco did his best to tolerate Jack, our neighbors dog... only one confrontation of nasty hissing.
   Oh dear Jack... How we will all miss your sentinel stance, protecting our two houses... Yes, Paco will miss your presence too, though he would never let you know it. You two always had your little understanding and respect for each other's turf.
Please protect your family in their new home that is so far away from here. You will be missed beyond measure. Loyal and true, you are, Jack... like real friendships, who have stood the test of time and experience. Thank you Jack, for always being there for us all.