Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old and new

I have an obsession with vintage enamelware. It started when I was a wee one on the farm  where I was raised. There was an abundance of enamelware used for about everything there.  It was cheap and it lasted. It was lightweight and was not too "flashy" in it's appearance. Farm folk do not like to like to appear "flashy".  My favorite piece of this wonderful metal ware was a big creme colored bowl with green trim. It was the Popcorn Bowl that my Dad took great pride in filling with his favorite corn from a local neighbor by the name of Yoder. On some Saturday nights, my Mom would turn the popcorn into carmel corn from her Mother's recipe.  The farm has been sold after 4 generations lived there. I still have the popcorn bowl. The bowl in the picture is a different bowl that is home to these budding crocuses that I finally brought out of the dark. I still use the sacred Popcorn Bowl for everything including popcorn. It will be passed down to my children and hopefully theirs.

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